The Story of the Restoration

The adventure of the Efendi Hotel began in 2001 when Uri Jeremias saw an abandoned building from atop his restaurant, and he decided to renovate it and convert it into a boutique hotel. The building was not for sale, but once the idea took root in Uri's heart, he set out on a quest to make it reality. Information was brought to his attention about the existence of a place called "The Palace", which was intended to become a tourism facility.
When he visited the building for the first time, however, it was the furthest thing imaginable from a palace.


Extensive neglect was evident in the building, and part of it had been completely destroyed. Next to it stood another building, the Afifi House, which was also in an advanced state of decay. But Uri did not see the neglect, nor the destruction. He fell in love with the place, and the only thing he envisioned was the breathtaking beauty of a pair of buildings that would come together to create a genuine "diamond".
Even at the very beginning, it was clear that it would be impossible to compromise by performing anything less than maximum preservation – not only of the building's outer shell, but also of the interior with its intricate wall drawings and splendid ceilings.



Uri assembled a staff of expert workers with a wealth of experience in preservation and restoration of ancient buildings. These experts worked unceasingly and with great love to restore each and every detail in the building, from the stones in the external walls to the window lintels in the last of the rooms.
Restoration of the intricate wall and ceiling drawings was performed over a period of seven months by a team of artists who graduated from the School for Historic Preservation in Venice in cooperation with Israeli artisans.
The FC Properties Company joined forces with Uri, and as the hotel's co-owners they continued working on the preservation and renovation.
Prior to this project, no private body had ever undertaken a project requiring such extensive preservation on such a complex structure, with everything that this involves – the amount of work, the required knowledge, the high standard of workers, special artisans, and length of time. But everything came together perfectly.
The Efendi Hotel is one of the most beautiful, intricate, and exciting structures that exists anywhere in Israel or the world, and it is here for your pleasure. We invite you to experience exciting moments, good times, and memories that are pleasant to return to, again and again.