Swedish Massage


A perfect massage to release any stress and relax your whole body, offering relief from muscle and pains. It also increases n\mental clarity and helps to detoxify your system. 
Deep tissue massage – A deep, strong massage focused on specific areas of extreme muscle tension. Stress is relieved by applying deep pressure with the elbows 
Aromatic massage – A relaxing treatment carried out using long, gentle movements with an aromatic oil blend that is absorbed by the skin and influences body and mind over time 

Prices per 45 Min:  310 Nis.
Prices per 60 Min:  340 Nis.



Foot Massage

A western therapeutic method that applies pressure at specific reflex points on the sole of the foot. The treatment reduces tension, and brings about a balance of mind, body and soul.

Prices per 45 Min:  310 Nis.
Prices per 60 Min:  340 Nis.



Hot Stone Massage

A stone massage uses water-heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body (75 Min).

Prices:  440 Nis.





A very gentle and caressing Indian massage, including the pouring of hot sesame oil over the entire body, concluding with the oil being poured on the forehead. Accompanied by a scalp massage to balance the energy flow. (75 Min)

Prices(2 hands):  440 Nis.
Price(4 hands): 640 Nis.


Pregnancy Massage


A massage for pregnant women: this is a holistic treatment for women past their sixteen week of pregnancy. It consists of a gentle massage using pure almond oil. It helps to relieve fatigue and tension, and relaxes aching muscles.(60 Min)

Price: 360 Nis.


Short spa treatments


Back & Sholders - 30 Min

5 Points Star Massage - Scalp, hands & feet - 30 Min

Prices: 220 Nis



General information:


- A health declaration must be signed before receiving a treatment.
- Treatment cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
- Cancellations that do not provide the required notice will entail a full charge.