Heading to the Spa? Book a Hammam Treatment

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Turns out, I had the same experience at the spa at The Efendi Hotel, a boutique hotel in the northern coastal plains of Israel. Normally I have a spa treatment, and it feels great and relaxing…all of those wonderful things; but as soon as I leave and enter the real world again, my aches and pains are back. Not so with the treatment there. 

Efendi Hotel -  Acre

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The specs: A pair of nineteenth-century homes in the middle of an Arab village—and ancient port town—on the Mediterranean, a two-hour drive from Tel Aviv. Along with 12 guest rooms, the hotel has a hammam (built by the original Turkish owners), a wine cellar and occasional restaurant, and a rooftop sundeck.

Mysteries of the ancient Holy Land

Leone Lakhani travels to the Israeli city of Acre, one of the best preserved and oldest settlements in the Middle East.

Perfect Stays – Efendi hotel and Akko, Israel

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Israel is a new nation, built on very ancient land that so many people in this world lay claim to as their own, their history. There are some newer cities like Tel Aviv, where the architecture dates to the 20th century and others like it’s neighbor Jaffa, an ancient port city that leaves your mind reeling when you think of the people that have walked these streets for centuries. An intrinsic part of visiting Israel is seeing this duality.


Voyage savoureux en Israël, formidable creuset de cultures gastronomiques. À Akko, l’ancien Saint-Jean-d’Acre, Uri Buri excelle dans la préparation des poissons. Quarante kilomètres plus au nord, Erez Komarovsky, père de la "nouvelle cuisine" en Israël, a su intégrer des saveurs venues de France, du Japon et de Californie. On découvre aussi le secret d’une bonne pita.

Efendi Hotel, Acre, Israel

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One pomegranate-braised lamb shoulder at a time, Zahav chef Michael Solomonov is putting modern Israeli cooking on the map in Philadelphia (and America). So when he travels to Israel a couple times a year, he does so with food squarely on the mind. This takes him to Acre, a coastal city 90 minutes north of Tel Aviv, where he pays his respects to Uri Jeremias: a legendary fisherman, bon vivant, and owner of the decidedly non-kosher seafood restaurant Uri Buri.

8 of the Best Culinary Experiences in the Cultural Melting Pot of Israel

"There is no such thing as Israeli cuisine," said Chef Roy Sofer at the hip Italian Bindela Restaurant in Tel Aviv. Over the next ten days, every person I spoke to in Israel gave me a similar answer. Just like the U.S., Israel is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Everyone here is from someplace else, and they have brought along traditional ingredients, spices and cooking methods that have become part of the new Israeli gastronomy.


Watch the i24NEWS interview with Uri Jeremias.

Tour and Hotel News: New Excursions in Israel

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Acre is a 4,000-year-old port city in northern Israel that most travelers to the country don’t visit, and to help change that, Uri Buri, the owner of the Efendi Hotel there, has created a four-day culturally focused trip.

Eating Your Way Through Israel

One hour and 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv, in the ancient Mediterranean port town of Acre, chef Uri Jeremias leads me into the tiny kitchen tucked in the back of the Ottoman-era stone building that has housed his restaurant, Uri Buri, since 1989.